Ira Glass on the Creative Process


apparent i don’t suck, im just not good enough yet ;)


just anouther short ilo


this was to accompany and article about changeling limitations, its possibly slightly quiche. But im really happy that i did in decent speed (for me) and it wasent total bad.


also been working a / for a cuple of hours this mouring a well, all this befor i go to work today as well, so im feeling all productive which is really nice feeling.

innovation vs imitation


have been working on ilo about innovation vs imitation, Im trying to be a play on boxing posterinnovationimitationimitation

need more work which it shall be geting, as i’m loveing the figer in center but the rest is not working yet.

also started updateing is not there yet but one ive got 10 pice of work in my portfolio that im confident in.

‘Design section’



Well Ive had an amazing week in the lake district which i recommend ever one to visit Full Circle Yurtsit was amazing and there will be photos and some work inspired by the trip being posted soon.

Since I’ve been back has been updated, which now has a ‘Design section’ example above. So i hope to see this filling up over the next couple of months. As I grow in confidence in this area a bit more.

Also a lil thank you to other boggers from Illustration friday community and beyond, when people who make work that I would hold in high regard taking the time to saying nice thing about my own. Well it makes me motivated, thanks


the king is dead long live the king!

new web site, which is just the old one but cleaner code(well) and under a different name. that name being this will hopefully be a bit clear then as a brand.

I found and am still finding a very useful web site for helping improve my understanding of web design with out table, web 2.0 and CSS, all very important things.

web sitey stuff


trying to get my head around web sitey stuff. I did some class at Uni but it was never my princable intrest…

here are some good resourse id recomend for introducing your self to web sites :

ill add more when i know more i guess

also lots of job inteveiws on horizon so that goood :d