Bit quite this new year, ive been swiching over from trying  weekly ilo things at illustration friday to doing competition’s.
Which I have entered two in as many months so that cool. But ive not been 100% happy about the results so ive jusr been pushing through for sake of starting and finishing.

Currently im working on some thing for Its two do two tshirt desins that they will print them selfs.

One selection made by them selfs and the outher via social media.

So interesting limitations due to the production of 4 colors silk screen printing.

So please have a go and enter some thing.

P.s. if any one know of any up competitions plz let me know, thancks


Drawing like … a mouse?


i really enjoyed David Petersen’s Blog post about ‘Drawing like yourself’.

Ive spent time thinking ‘im not as good as artist x’ and not appreciating my own work, so its nice to read about some else experience of this…

home if you don’t know who David Petersen is look up the mouse guard at and enjoy it

example of he is work from latest book



just a lil sketch dump, am busy finishing of an open uni class, after that i will be trying to rework agen, got an ilo half way done but just a lil sketch dump for now



‘Design section’



Well Ive had an amazing week in the lake district which i recommend ever one to visit Full Circle Yurtsit was amazing and there will be photos and some work inspired by the trip being posted soon.

Since I’ve been back has been updated, which now has a ‘Design section’ example above. So i hope to see this filling up over the next couple of months. As I grow in confidence in this area a bit more.

Also a lil thank you to other boggers from Illustration friday community and beyond, when people who make work that I would hold in high regard taking the time to saying nice thing about my own. Well it makes me motivated, thanks

Le voyage


well not much posting but i have not really had much show for my self, have been very busy finishing an evening class off last month it was in teaching and had to be observed lots fafing about and organizeing it was a blast and im so glad i did it, just got to see if i passed it now

and am currently recharging my battery’s soon by going to the lake district next month, but for now im settling for a week off for my birthday.(20th)

so with all this time off it time to get busy with my other job illustration, there will be no exscus not to do the next illustration friday. and start making work that will be suitable for different markets, book publishing and greeting cards. as well as trying to get more editorial work.

but for today im busy emailing agents, which is some thing ive never done before. epp!

here are some entry’s for last months competition that i did before i was officially busy. its amazing that i had never consider greeting cards or wrapping paper before but im really existed about giving it a try.

here are some



what every one else doing to ?