illustration Friday – smooth



Created for Illustration Friday weekly illustration brief to create work based on a single word “Smooth”

When thinking of Smooth i thought of Michael Field character in the TV ting Luxury Comedy


lovely days


I entered some works to tigerprints ‘lovely days’ competition lastnight, it was a bit of a rush job but, like the last post here its more about getting back in to swing of things, kind of like warming up before a run i guess.

‘lovely days'

‘lovely days'

‘lovely days'

Ive really enjoy making the lil square type, as well as making some lil water color squares that i was going to use as the base for design cards but dint really give it enough time, they where pleasant to make to so id thought id share.

prep for ‘lovely days'

prep for ‘lovely days'

prep for ‘lovely days'

prep for ‘lovely days'

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Drawing like … a mouse?


i really enjoyed David Petersen’s Blog post about ‘Drawing like yourself’.

Ive spent time thinking ‘im not as good as artist x’ and not appreciating my own work, so its nice to read about some else experience of this…

home if you don’t know who David Petersen is look up the mouse guard at and enjoy it

example of he is work from latest book



just a lil sketch dump, am busy finishing of an open uni class, after that i will be trying to rework agen, got an ilo half way done but just a lil sketch dump for now



just anouther short ilo


this was to accompany and article about changeling limitations, its possibly slightly quiche. But im really happy that i did in decent speed (for me) and it wasent total bad.


also been working a / for a cuple of hours this mouring a well, all this befor i go to work today as well, so im feeling all productive which is really nice feeling.

innovation vs imitation, reworked


just been re work the previouse post im still not in love with it but i think it work better and is more visula intresting.

innovation vs imitation, reworked

i may eve pop it in my folio at

innovation vs imitation


have been working on ilo about innovation vs imitation, Im trying to be a play on boxing posterinnovationimitationimitation

need more work which it shall be geting, as i’m loveing the figer in center but the rest is not working yet.

also started updateing is not there yet but one ive got 10 pice of work in my portfolio that im confident in.

Between a rock and a hard place


have been trying to make ilo about forgiveness only being a option if a person has not being forgiven as a real option to which made me think of the Idiom: Between a rock and a hard place.

this is intresting but dint really work so have started agen…..


have taken out the bit that made it look so ugly, but it is just drawing of rocks now not comunication.





Another reworking of a newspaper article ilo, this time the gist was how when making choice we should think of the ones we be happiest living with , well that’s what I thought anyways…

IF – perspective


if - perspective ?

i really have to stop leaving my IF till friday it self lol had idea but it got a bit lots in the random making stuff kind of seem to have taken over but… it was enjoyable soo.. and i have proper illustration that i aim to be posting this after noon that will be more of a thoughtful editorial piece (finger crossed) so check back by soon n tell me what you think



took a bit of a sidewards step thinking wise this week.
I thought muddy > not seeing clearly > not seeing the forest for the trees. so yeah.


ive add a lil bit of random cus i thought it was pretty.


IF – clumsy


not much of a description because i a bit sick of hanging around computer tonight and want to spend as little time with it as i have to.

i think this ended up a lil to clinical but at lest i got some thing in on time on a busy week as well.


illustration friday wilderness


Note:halftone / moyer dots effect is more aesthetic pleasing when view large sizes so plz give it a click
Ive produce a couple of images for this week illustration friday word ‘wilderness’.

Its all just what you’d expect from me mashing up old photos and cutting out paper.

James Pepper illustration friday wilderness

i think it a bit of a cliché but hey ho, I dint want to stress about this just enjoy making it, which i did, so i win.

there was also this one but i dint like it as much, this was just to simple, not that simple is a bad thing or any thing
James Pepper illustration friday wilderness 2

I will be getting a dictionary of metaphors soon so i’m looking forward to Putin that to good use

‘Design section’



Well Ive had an amazing week in the lake district which i recommend ever one to visit Full Circle Yurtsit was amazing and there will be photos and some work inspired by the trip being posted soon.

Since I’ve been back has been updated, which now has a ‘Design section’ example above. So i hope to see this filling up over the next couple of months. As I grow in confidence in this area a bit more.

Also a lil thank you to other boggers from Illustration friday community and beyond, when people who make work that I would hold in high regard taking the time to saying nice thing about my own. Well it makes me motivated, thanks

The cautionary tale of “Jim, Who ran away from his Nurse, and was eaten by a Lion”


illustration Fridays word this week 'caution'

Ive added a with and with out text because i’m know typographer now am I, did try tho…

illustration Fridays word this week 'caution'

My recent interest in cautionary tales has been sparked by illustration Fridays word this week ‘caution’ ive made a book cover for “Jim, Who ran away from his Nurse, and was eaten by a Lion” i have enjoyed this, as its given me a opportunity to try and make some thing that could be use for a book cover, i know i need to work on type a bit more..anyways what do you think? how could it be improved ? what did you do?

I’ve also join the illustration friday forum as jamespepper

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

well what a title if you like that you really need to go do some reading on Hilaire_Belloc the write on other amazing stories such as “Matilda, Who told lies, and was Burned to Death” original illustration show below

Matilda, Who told lies, and was Burned to Death

"Matilda, Who told lies, and was Burned to Death"

IF Worn


Not really dedicate the time to this i should, am very busy this week with evening class drawing to a close and with not really keeping to top all the work i should have been doing thought out.

I did bash this out because all work an no play etc…


I would of like to have spend more time on the and drafted it more seeing how this is the first idea visualized.I was looking worn up in my thesaurus, then got ‘worn out’ then got to ‘shattered’, and then this idea seem like a proficient metaphor.

I want to start writing reviews of books and other such stuff i find useful, the first must be Pocked Roget’s thesauruses…. more reason why this is so special soon …

books 003

tut 1



i have just been working thought a tut i got from the computer arts web site. more or less same composition but use different central image… am just trying to get more existed about making images

also working an new mail out an am rejig port folio on web site to positively include some of my recent IF’s