what have i been up to


I must admit i do feel some what off a cad if i dont post some thing to show for my self at lest one a week so i thought better try to absolve my self but showing what i was doing last week but have not had the time to post yet.


which is a lil logo exsersice i did to try and get some more work in my design section of my web site.

Speaking of web sites that Christopher Owe who is Scandtastic if you dint know, has just resigned / developed his web site and if lovely and perfectly formed. So much so I may had to kick mine in to some kind of fancier styling.

So ive picked up  HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide: With XHTML and CSS (Visual QuickStart Guides) by Elizabeth Castro so Ive been read thought connecting the dots of all my half lent html knowledge. So something slick on it was some time.. soon.

But whats been taking up far to much of my time is procrastinating over is working on is reworking old boardgames ‘boards’ to try some thing different as well. which is all still very WIP as it is a bit new to me doing that kind of thing, but i will be posting some thing about that soon. But feast your eyes on these masters for now