the king is dead long live the king!

new web site, which is just the old one but cleaner code(well) and under a different name. that name being jamespepper.net this will hopefully be a bit clear then crcoco.org as a brand.

I found and am still finding http://www.genavieve.co.uk/ma/index.htm a very useful web site for helping improve my understanding of web design with out table, web 2.0 and CSS, all very important things.


IF Worn


Not really dedicate the time to this i should, am very busy this week with evening class drawing to a close and with not really keeping to top all the work i should have been doing thought out.

I did bash this out because all work an no play etc…


I would of like to have spend more time on the and drafted it more seeing how this is the first idea visualized.I was looking worn up in my thesaurus, then got ‘worn out’ then got to ‘shattered’, and then this idea seem like a proficient metaphor.

I want to start writing reviews of books and other such stuff i find useful, the first must be Pocked Roget’s thesauruses…. more reason why this is so special soon …

books 003



Am busy but not to busy to post some links to projects I’m working towards. These are competitions/opportunity open to every one.

sneakart.com the opportunity to get people where your design on there feet

tigerprint the opportunity to have your work on warping paper or occasion cards, which is some thing i would never have thought to do but is really interesting the more I think about it…

check them out very cool stuff

thanks to Victoria for these links, her work can be found at crcoco.org and Flickr

tut 1



i have just been working thought a tut i got from the computer arts web site. more or less same composition but use different central image… am just trying to get more existed about making images

also working an new mail out an am rejig port folio on web site to positively include some of my recent IF’s

Craft Consultancy & Co


had a fire put under me this week so have been trying to rehash web site stuff . I have new address crcoco.org/ just registered that last night so might have to wait to the week end for it to be come fully online, im trying to make it using css rather than tables this time around… its all a bit new

have been trying to make an log type thing but it just looks cheap now in the light of an new day my the colors are that just to bright…