Bit quite this new year, ive been swiching over from trying  weekly ilo things at illustration friday to doing competition’s.
Which I have entered two in as many months so that cool. But ive not been 100% happy about the results so ive jusr been pushing through for sake of starting and finishing.

Currently im working on some thing for Its two do two tshirt desins that they will print them selfs.

One selection made by them selfs and the outher via social media.

So interesting limitations due to the production of 4 colors silk screen printing.

So please have a go and enter some thing.

P.s. if any one know of any up competitions plz let me know, thancks


Tigerprint competition Jingle Bells

Tigerprint competition

Well this is not any thing to do with illustration friday. It appears to be a entry for tiger prints Christmas wraping paper competition.
Constructing the repeating pattern was very enjoyable, I used this method for creating the parten.

So ive entered my illustration friday for this week im now at some what a losses end.

Maybe I shall start on adapteing Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit & the Pendulum… in to some narrative illustration thing for print n web…