just a lil sketch dump, am busy finishing of an open uni class, after that i will be trying to rework jamespepper.net agen, got an ilo half way done but just a lil sketch dump for now




The cautionary tale of “Jim, Who ran away from his Nurse, and was eaten by a Lion”


illustration Fridays word this week 'caution'

Ive added a with and with out text because i’m know typographer now am I, did try tho…

illustration Fridays word this week 'caution'

My recent interest in cautionary tales has been sparked by illustration Fridays word this week ‘caution’ ive made a book cover for “Jim, Who ran away from his Nurse, and was eaten by a Lion” i have enjoyed this, as its given me a opportunity to try and make some thing that could be use for a book cover, i know i need to work on type a bit more..anyways what do you think? how could it be improved ? what did you do?

I’ve also join the illustration friday forum as jamespepper

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

well what a title if you like that you really need to go do some reading on Hilaire_Belloc the write on other amazing stories such as “Matilda, Who told lies, and was Burned to Death” original illustration show below

Matilda, Who told lies, and was Burned to Death

"Matilda, Who told lies, and was Burned to Death"

IF Worn


Not really dedicate the time to this i should, am very busy this week with evening class drawing to a close and with not really keeping to top all the work i should have been doing thought out.

I did bash this out because all work an no play etc…


I would of like to have spend more time on the and drafted it more seeing how this is the first idea visualized.I was looking worn up in my thesaurus, then got ‘worn out’ then got to ‘shattered’, and then this idea seem like a proficient metaphor.

I want to start writing reviews of books and other such stuff i find useful, the first must be Pocked Roget’s thesauruses…. more reason why this is so special soon …

books 003

what unfolds ?


well this is my second atempt at illustrion firdays word of the week unfold. My thinking was, what unfolds? A map, I look at maps when lost/out on walks. tho I’m sure we all look at maps on i phones these days i like to think we still need aur OS map every now and then ;)


doing this made me dig out my copy of Russian Avant-garde Books 1910-1934 its amazing period of art, design and of course illustration. You really should check the web site from this exhibition and i can recommend the catalog enough, ok the book weights about stone but the print reproduction of the work is beautiful.

also Christopher Owe Who is Scandtastic has been up loading load of amazing lil comic strips and some funky music and video hes catering to all content needs… well some thing like that anyway go check it out