Makeing my mark


Well trying to with the curent tiger print competition that is. Check out the link n i’ll post some thing as soon as I can.
This seems like a good one to easy your self back in with.





Bit quite this new year, ive been swiching over from trying  weekly ilo things at illustration friday to doing competition’s.
Which I have entered two in as many months so that cool. But ive not been 100% happy about the results so ive jusr been pushing through for sake of starting and finishing.

Currently im working on some thing for Its two do two tshirt desins that they will print them selfs.

One selection made by them selfs and the outher via social media.

So interesting limitations due to the production of 4 colors silk screen printing.

So please have a go and enter some thing.

P.s. if any one know of any up competitions plz let me know, thancks

house of illustration: book illustration competition


I’ve been rather busy the last week reading some sort story’s for house of illustration: book-illustration-competition-2015.

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas by M.R. James. 
The Upper Berth by Francis Marion Crawford.
The Tale of an Empty House by E.F. Benson 

I think its 15th January deadline, and I shall be uploading some works in charcoal, water colors next Monday/Tuesday.

illustration Friday – smooth



Created for Illustration Friday weekly illustration brief to create work based on a single word “Smooth”

When thinking of Smooth i thought of Michael Field character in the TV ting Luxury Comedy


illustration, p, portfolio




illustration friday – Octopus


Ive been reading the king in yellow which i picked up whilst at the Durham book festival, well in a charity shop while at it, so not much of a jump to Octopus really.


In durham I was fortunate enough to hear Dan Vyleta read from his book The Crooked Maid it was beautiful. the reading the voice, the words all of it, i recommend.

No illustration this Friday


Well as the title suggests ive not done any illustration this week, even tho ive had the week off.

Shocking. So what have I been up to?

Well ive sanded and shaby chiced these desk and lil stool


Also pained draws but not shaby them yet.


Also vanished some cd racks left In  our shed from last people who lived here.


Have also been haveing some work done to house. But thats not pretty so I will not post pics of it.

lovely days


I entered some works to tigerprints ‘lovely days’ competition lastnight, it was a bit of a rush job but, like the last post here its more about getting back in to swing of things, kind of like warming up before a run i guess.

‘lovely days'

‘lovely days'

‘lovely days'

Ive really enjoy making the lil square type, as well as making some lil water color squares that i was going to use as the base for design cards but dint really give it enough time, they where pleasant to make to so id thought id share.

prep for ‘lovely days'

prep for ‘lovely days'

prep for ‘lovely days'

prep for ‘lovely days'

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Illustration frisday – talent



illustration for illustration Friday, word was talent, i did found a story about “College to give X Factor lessons”

and used this as the starting point.

I haven’t made any thing for quite a while so this was just playing with the textures to kind bet back in to enjoying it again, which i did.


Drawing like … a mouse?


i really enjoyed David Petersen’s Blog post about ‘Drawing like yourself’.

Ive spent time thinking ‘im not as good as artist x’ and not appreciating my own work, so its nice to read about some else experience of this…

home if you don’t know who David Petersen is look up the mouse guard at and enjoy it

example of he is work from latest book



just a lil sketch dump, am busy finishing of an open uni class, after that i will be trying to rework agen, got an ilo half way done but just a lil sketch dump for now





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blogbits121, originally uploaded by boypepper83.

drawn on metro the outher day…

just anouther short ilo


this was to accompany and article about changeling limitations, its possibly slightly quiche. But im really happy that i did in decent speed (for me) and it wasent total bad.


also been working a / for a cuple of hours this mouring a well, all this befor i go to work today as well, so im feeling all productive which is really nice feeling.

Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi asks, “What makes a life worth living?”


A bit back was reading a Oliver Burkeman artical about ‘couch potato or creator’ which mentioned Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi work about flow(TED talk about flow) which made me think about my own life, and i thougth outher people would find this intresting to.

Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi asks, “What makes a life worth living?” Noting that money cannot make us happy, he looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of “flow.”