illustration friday – infinite


well this is very early for me! I normal post My my Illustration Friday, on Friday it self ;)

illustration friday - infinite

I really have started to enjoy the rendering method I’ve started using lately and included some example of my working with this post as well because there were probably have more aesthetically pleasing with out a background top them.



Im thinking about post cards at vistaprint but I’m have difficulty picking a illustration to put on a post card for mail out promotion purposes, do I have any thing I could use in my portfolio? or should i make a new for the purpose a mail out?

plz could you look at my web site an feed back

i’m leaning to wards make some thing for it…


4 thoughts on “illustration friday – infinite

  1. I think my favorite one is the illustration friday lost at sea illustration. I really like the head, very simple and minimalistic, but also very nice. Unfortunatly I can only think of really cheesy stuff to put on the card if you would send it out (movie trailer text: in a sea of illutstrators: ONE man sticks out..).

    But I also like the new style you have going here, so perhaps it would be good to make something new, then you could also customize it so it would be more..something


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