the king is dead long live the king!

new web site, which is just the old one but cleaner code(well) and under a different name. that name being jamespepper.net this will hopefully be a bit clear then crcoco.org as a brand.

I found and am still finding http://www.genavieve.co.uk/ma/index.htm a very useful web site for helping improve my understanding of web design with out table, web 2.0 and CSS, all very important things.


2 thoughts on “jamespepper.net

  1. I’m looking forwards to checking out your new website, but I’m afraid it’s not working now.

    Perhaps I’ll take a look at your code work as well.. And useful website, it’s been a while since I updated my site..


  2. So it’s working. Nice to see it.

    It look’s good as well. I think it looks better then the crcoco one. Perhaps since it uses more of the browser window?

    You should consider making the header image link back to the front page. And perhaps get some concistency in your titles and menu buttons. Some start with captial letters, some don’t.

    Also, do you think it would be nice with a tiled background thing on either side of the main container div? I think it would, but you have to check it out to see.

    Anyway, good luck with any updates!


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