New Resume


My new Resume, that Ive been email about

it’s generated an lil work which i will post and tell every one about one i see it in print(i get the fear of telling people any thing till i see stuff in print)

iv been very bad at updating stuff, and i think i just got sick of illustration, i just stoped enjoying it for a bit but am slowly falling back in love with it, slowly. I’ve also been very bad keeping in touch with people… ops


3 thoughts on “New Resume

  1. I like the resume James, did you print it out or give out links to the issuu thing (I still need to try that out). If you did print it, because I can dig that sort of thing. What size was it + did it have a back? I like the random shapes the titles are in + the overall layout of the info stuff (you could perhaps have had the same spacing between your address and the p as between you phone number etc and the p but this is just me paying too much attention to details.).

    I think I have the same fear about things not being printed. I haven’t really gotten that many things in print though, but it was the same thing with the exhibition. Up until I saw it on the wall I wasn’t sure it would be in it. But yeah, stuff on print sound pretty good.


  2. just pdf attached to email, i wish i had your attention to detail, but i dont. il give it an try. i am get an post card print as soon as i can find an image i like, but ive designed it will be over sized A5 ‘big post card’ just need to pic the image. am wanting to redo web site as well but i seem to spend to much thing of todo list than ever doing stuff.

    your web site design is looking very good by the way


  3. A pdf thing works out fine as well though. I made a small portfolio thing that just about fit in an evelope, and it was a lot of extra work getting it printed and stapled and everything. But prints are nice, so if you make the postcards and have a spare one lying around it would be great if one got sent to Norway..

    I’ll be looking out for updates on craft-spew then..

    +Nice to hear you like my web design, although it could actually be Sven’s webdesign you mean (He made The mortsa records site). But we are in process of starting up a little business together where we will make websites etc. for local businesses with not so good websites. He knows code and advanced hard stuff, and I (should) know my way around the visual stuff it could turn out quite good.


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