i have just bee so busy


as the title suggest ive been very busy at the moment who thougth doodling all day an drinking tea could be so hard! + that whole Ma thing pfft ! anyways im all sorted with direction now so have just got these last 2 weeks to bring it all altogether which will be fun !

nouting like an dead line to get ya going!

i now an huge fan of

http://lab-zine.com/ & http://issuu.com/sections, you can find some early version here & Normal A4 here

allso looking up wolfgang weingart a bit might be poping down the library to try and make an better acquittance.

i am also enjoying the work of http://www.drawger.com/vasconcelos/? and http://mikelemanski.musicvids.co.uk/ at the moment


One thought on “i have just bee so busy

  1. hello James. I took a look at the online magazine, it looks good; (i guess i’m a whimp) getting along nicely. keep up the good work etc. Also, i was going to bring something in on monday, but i guess i have forgotten what it is. hopefully i will remember by them.

    so yeah, just thought i would like to leave a comment. but i’m not sure what i was going to say. I guess i might have said it now though


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