in regards to written work, i worry that what i do is not academic enough comperd to other people but i have had an lil epiphany that might be helpfully here.

the critical evaluation is meant to be supporting, possibly explaining what we do in our practical work…

Sounds very simple but i now must make reference to my relationship with semiotics. I hate the term surely it is just looking and thing, if you are unable to do this with out an lil structure around it, then surely the possibly of understanding the deeper meaning will be some what taxing.*

Having some what distain to pretensions (tho BS my second if not first language) especial have no love for it in my ever day like. Illustration to me has been my every day life presence. Not to say I obsessed with the subject but it obsesses with me. Illustration is just looking and think and talking other people what you think there is no academic, fine art or aura of around its just making.

Digressions aside my point being every thing I do on an day to day bases could be considered academic or fine art, ive never seen it like that. Clinging on to some romantic notion of holding my work up to let it speech for it self died at the start of education with every one being to obsessed with intellectualizing there own work to talk to each other.

They shall be shocked with the relaxation of how academic my squiggly lines are.

*(I did just want to call people who use semiotics stupid in rather flowery language but I tried to resist)


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