web sites


im havening an very geeky couple of days,

i have switched my blog to wordpress, which has so much more control offed to the user.

ive also drafted this as posiblity for how my At o Z project might look on line.

and i think ive sorted out the feed jazz for my craft spew page, it was an lot simpler to do that i thought, i have basically set up an blog when i up date that it will update the craft spew page as well…


One thought on “web sites

  1. Hello James,
    I have been looking at your ide for online presentation. And I think it is a nice way to do it. However (and this might just be me because I am on a PC with a lower resolution then I am used to), the picture is a bit big so I have to scroll down every time I want to swap pages. And then when I click it jumps back up, and the whole thing just seems a bit jumpy. It is a bit annoying because I know it probably isn’t like that..

    But, you could try putting the alphabet above the book. For us on lower resolution computers. Of course, it may end up looking crappy, so don’t do it no matter what.

    Plus, should you write what topic each letter is? Or indicate which letter you are on? I guess it is a point that if people have to decipher the illustration they may get more out of it though..

    And, I notice none of your webpages have a title. It says Untitled Document on the top of my browser.

    I don’t know, they are all quite small things, but you know me.. that’s the stuff I care about.

    Anyway.. I look forwards to seeing more stuff etc.


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