p for prison


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p for prison, originally uploaded by boypepper83.

what is there purpose? to lock people up or to reform them?

it started out wanting to show the seed of an person, implying the prison could be some where a person could grow or some such but i end up with this…

il start i haven’t got ‘potential growth’ in ther yet
and the person will be getting changed

but i do feel i have got eh idea of questioning in there(lol) & im happy with color / atmospheric

what do you lot think?


One thought on “p for prison

  1. I also liked the colours, I didn’t see the questionmark at first, but I do feel quite stupid not seeing it at once (i think I went right to the text(even though I do hate looking doing that)).
    (yeah, that must be it)

    I agree you havent done anything really with the whole potential grouth thing, but if you do question prison; isn’t that an obvious reason? But yeah, it could be clearer..

    anyway.. i’m looking forward to seeing new work over the holiday..


    !but also:!
    are you Jim Bo? In that case thanks for the e-mail. I felt kind of embarresed not knowing who Jim was. I hope it is you. If not, please point me in the right direction (it is too late at night to randomly send out e-mails)


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