new ish work


so for this MA thing im looking at how the illustrator can be an social commentator right? well i think this all comes down to vales? what important to you, and what’s not at the end of the day!

So to work this out i think that it is important to work out what society is! How can you represent it then move on to look at how it makes decisions.
Ah so at the moment im just playing with randomize ideas at the moment

I was first thinking about the ideas that well societies is just lots of people, that is section of in to lots of people in groups

the groups of people that sections them self’s off from each other, is very interesting areas to look at because I fund my self surprised by the illustrations. When trying to show people in different groups I dint know what the message was? Am I saying it is an good thing or an bad thing? Its actually quite difficult to trying keep an neutral tone. With in the work, not that I want to be middle of the rood all the time, but am just trying to work how to just represent idea before I comment on them…

Thinking about how the groups in society are constructed thought mutual expiations, the speech bubble aren’t very strong and the messages is a bit week because of the use of the devises

this is just some playing colleague, got to have some fun…


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