An new direction


Christ don’t know why I post this, are you (ie me) the write of these thing to proponent these thing or just meant to find them >?

Anyways This Ma jazz is driving me made! I thought I had thought about it! but the more I thought about it actually starting I dinbt know if I liked it!

My train of runs thus, what’s my dream job? Well I guessing an illustrator really, (well duh) what kind of stuff would I like to illustrate? I guess book cover and editorials, so why the hell had I decide to do another narrative piece after last years mess! I have no idea. And I started to feel the area of Greek mythology is all cool n that but in the end of the day what the point?? So I decide I should try an work on an more contemporise theme, Harold Pinter was an name some said I should look up if I wanted to work on an more contemporise theme but Started thinking along the lines of Chuck Palahniuk’s possibly but I am also think along the lines of Allen Bennet problem not as edge or popular but I still think there is some thing very human there…

So ive been think about potencies jazz I could do that could involve editorials/book jacked design. I had started think about producing illustrations that could be an commitment for the series of writing of Chuck Palahniuk’s non-fiction. But I wasn’t sure what the copy write would be work with some else written work. Then I had the thought of producing an series of chapter drawings for one of these books…?

Then I started thinking about CP book Haunted, this is an collection of 23 short storied, seem like lots of scope there for chapter illustration ?

The book also has a kind of into poetry / prose for charters when they tell there stories… but poetry got me thinking about book publishers in Newcastle, id I did the work using there books of poetry im sure they would be more inclined to let me use there word in my illustrations, maybe even meet with the poets , etc… who could say …but neither the less I definably have an new train of thought to be getting on with …


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