What I want to do in my MA, why i want to do it!


To illustrate an introduction to Greek mythology staring with creation myths of Greek moving on to profiling each of the deity’s them self and how they. Im wanting to taking an mature yet humours approach to there abstract nature and behaviour, with the intent using this platform to comment about behaviour in our current society…

I want the book to be an draw upon of the visual we see around us on an daily biases so it would be easier for them to identify with. I want to emphases these deities strange ness as well as there phoebes and mistakes. But also drawing on there abstract nature of being deity’s

I have decide to do an Ma for several reason:

Personal reason
Spending the summer looking for work I want to take this opportunity to develop my professional practises. Aiming to wards developing an portfolio that shows my skills in DTP/graphic design as well as illustration.

Professional reason
The end of last year I really started to get over the issues I was having with my way of working and representation and was embracing collage in to my ways of working. Now is the time to capitalise on this possible new direction an really embrace it other wise I never take my illustration work to an next level…

Theoretical reason
The Ma will give me the space to develop what illustration means to me. The grater my awareness of the field of practises becomes. The sicker I become of the level of banality is see in illustration around me.

Yes an illustrator commissioned to communicate some thing apposed to just pure expression of there own options, & If illustration has neither it just become decoration (not that I have any thing agents decoration, I like pretty things as much as the next guy)

illustration I see around me seem to be banally pointless and have no rooting I the society they come from, it all seem to just come do thing be done in an ‘style’ for it own sake rather that an original communication of an message.
illustrator have so much potencies to shape the society that inspires them as communicate there own personal agendas, this is an opportunity to be cherished and utilised not squandered.

I believe illustrator has the potential to redefine its self at the moment, making children’s books for adults (Sara Fanelli), graphics novels grown ups (Ashley wood), and magazine articles without type (Olivier kugler).

Having an personal interesting Greek mythology I believe its some thing that could easy sustain my interest for the length of the course.


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